Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Heritage is more than a word, it’s a concept. And as a concept, we tend to think of as a one way avenue; something that we receive, rather than create. Our habits, our ideals, our cultural mores all signify the heritage of those that came before. But heritage isn’t just a concept that begins with our ancestors and it’s with us. It’s something we create as well. The reclaimed wood pieces we create are woven with the heritage of early Americans. The wood that shapes each piece began as ancient, virgin cypress that was culled from the bayous of Louisiana. That cypress was pulled from the ground by Acadian refugees who planked and molded this wood by hand to create some of the earliest structures in this state. That very wood serves as the building blocks of our reclaimed wood line. Each piece of cypress or long leaf pine comes with its own history, patinated with the scrapes, nails and stains that belie the heritage of that single board. Because it’s not only we humans that have a heritage; it’s actually everywhere if you look hard enough.

At re we try to pay respect to the heritage of the craftsman and materials that came before us. Each piece of reclaimed furniture we offer is made of authentic, antique wood that’s locally sourced. It’s crafted by hand by a single carpenter in our Crowley, Louisiana shop and no two pieces will ever be identical. When you buy a piece from re, you aren’t just buying a piece of our history; you’re buying a piece that will serve you for generations.