37 to 48 Inches Wide


Vintage & Antique Kitchen Sinks 37 - 48 Inches Wide

Few materials feel as coldly impersonal as stainless steel. Antiseptic and clinical in nature, it’s easy to see how it became the most prevalent kitchen sink material in modern America. However when the hallmark of a material is its antiseptic nature, there is a sacrifice of warmth. That warmth is something a lot of us want to put back in to our kitchens. It’s something we want in our homes period.

Today’s kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare food. It’s the place where we gather, do homework, laugh, cry. With so much time spent in our kitchens, they should reflect who we are, warm, authentic, strong. Cast iron and porcelain are two of oldest sink materials in existence. Cast by hand and coated in enamel porcelain, these antique farm sinks are as far from antiseptic as one could get. Because these pieces were made by hand, no two are exactly alike. Just like you these antique sinks are one of a kind.