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How Sinks Arrive & How They Leave


When we're asked for photos of a sink before they've been refinished, we're always hesitant to oblige. Hopefully this blog will help to shed some light on why we're reticent to share sinks in their original state. When the sinks arrive they're generally in very rough shape. Most of our sinks are in the 80-100 year range and the years have not always been kind.

In addition to the small chips and dings that happen with a century of service, there is also the issue of strong vintage cleaners damaging the original porcelain. Beneath the grime are tons of tiny pock marks from years of industrial strength cleaning solvents. These tiny scars are filled and sanded in the restoration process, leaving a smooth, unblemished surface.

In our experience, nine times out of ten, when we do send photos of the sink in its original condition, clients have trouble visualizing the final product. It's hard to see just how an item in such rough shape could possibly be brought to a modern standard. With painstaking and detailed work, we are able to restore these pieces back to their original glory.