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Arsenic: The Shade is Deadly



How many colors have a higher body count than your average serial killer? Arsenic Green holds that title, responsible for the deaths of men, women, children and even an emperor. When we think of arsenic today, we immediately go to thoughts of poison; but that wasn’t always the case! For almost 50 years, arsenic was known for its practical use as a dye. Fabric, wallpaper, paint and even children’s toys. It’s been said that the stomach cancer that killed Napoleon originated from the fumes of his arsenic clad walls. Scheele’s Green and Paris Green were the two most popular colors, both of which were created using arsenic. Eventually the toxicity of arsenic was discovered but not before a rash of deaths, especially those of the factory workers that assembled arsenic dyed items. Today Farrow & Ball produces an almost exact match to Paris Green, minus the poison of course. We currently offer F&B Arsenic Green on any of our sinks and bathtubs. Arsenic Green is a fantastic option if you want to be period appropriate but also have a cool story. How many other paint colors can claim to have killed Napolean?