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Over Budget? Recoup with One Simple Photo


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The reimbursed percent is a total percent of the item used in the photograph. Discounts applied to the order of the chosen photographed item will be deducted from reimbursement. This offer is based on a need for a particular photo in a particular setting and style, the chosen photo is at the discretion of our Creative Director. The reimbursed percent is based on one item from one photograph.

Arsenic: The Shade is Deadly

How many colors have a higher body count than your average serial killer? Arsenic Green holds that title, responsible for the deaths of men, women, children and even an emperor. When we think of arsenic today, we immediately go to thoughts of poison; but that wasn’t always the case! For almost 50 years, arsenic [...]

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Indulge in the Unexpected

Why not do something different in your bathroom redesign? Often when the time comes to pull the trigger on a bathroom renovation, so many clients end up with a standard stock sink from a big box retailer. For example, the same poorly chosen glass vessel sink/dark vanity combo that screams New Construction. Despite homeowners having [...]

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How Sinks Arrive & How They Leave

When we're asked for photos of a sink before they've been refinished, we're always hesitant to oblige. Hopefully this blog will help to shed some light on why we're reticent to share sinks in their original state. When the sinks arrive they're generally in very rough shape. Most of our sinks are in the 80-100 year range and the years [...]

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Alcove Bathtub Origins

While we generally think of the alcove bathtub as a staple of mid century design, it's origin is actually much earlier. Examples of alcove tubs can be seen as early as 1911! As indoor plumbing became more common, the residential bathroom shifted away from its previous incarnation, a spa-like respite for the very wealthy. This shift brought [...]

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Trough Sinks!

What we consider the modern trough sink was actually the precursor to the farm sink. The high back and rolled rim are two design elements that would transfer over to the traditional farmhouse sink. While the farmhouse sink would ultimately become the more popular style, the trough sink didn't go away. It found a new [...]

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Wall Mount Sinks vs Deck Mount Sinks

“Can I put a wall mount sink in my cabinets?” is a question we get asked quite a bit.Most of our item listings use the phrases ‘wall mount’ or ‘cabinet mount’. I thought today would be a good time to go over both the differences and mounting options of both. In this case, the words [...]

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How Old is Your Farm Sink? We Can Help Date It!

One thing we get asked a lot is "How can I figure out the age of my farm sink?". While it's not an exact science, and there are always exceptions, there are a few ways to help zone in on the correct era. Below we've put together a timeline showing the history of the farm [...]

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Reclaim Style with Reclaimed Wood for Your Kitchen, Bathroom & Utility Space

In an era obsessed with removing all traces of age, it's refreshing for an item to be seen as more desirable as it grows older. With reclaimed wood, a developed patina is not only acceptable, it's generally preferred. There's richness inherent in antique wood, both in color and texture that is only possible with age. [...]

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Vintage fixtures bring the charm, we bring the personalization!

With so many vintage sinks of all sorts and bathtubs refinished beautifully, what more could you ask for? Color customization of course, and that's just what we offer. If you need the perfect shade for your clawfoot or exposed bottom of your sink, we've got you covered. We offer to change the exterior color of any [...]

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