Clawfoot Tubs


Vintage & Antique Clawfoot Bathtubs

Peaking in popularity between 1910 through 1920, claw foot tubs have made a comeback because of their quality and timeless beauty! Lending to their charm is the ability for personalization. Owners can easily customize the color to reflect their personal style and occasionally even change out the feet. The grandeur of the clawfoot tub begets a magnificent focal point for any bathroom. The indulgent soak and design offers a spa-like atmosphere. Claw foot tubs are nothing short of classic, which never goes out of style.

The Roll Top or Flat Rim is the standard that is most commonly seen today. The Slipper is less common and has one side higher than the other. Even rarer is the Double Slipper which has both ends raised, and a dip in the middle. These designs are more ergonomic, allowing for better reclining and relaxation. All of our clawfoot tubs are refinished in-house by a certified, trained refinisher. All exteriors can be customized using the color of your choice. Get in touch for more details!